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Meet The Founder

A pet pursuit always starts from the love for a dog. The rest, as many know, is history.

That began the story of John, founder of PetMuse Studio. Coming from a family that dabbles in pet supplies manufacturing, John’s love for dogs knows no bounds. It was only when he was studying in America did he come to realise there was a gap in the market: pet toys that cater to both the dogs’ enrichment and their pawrents’ aesthetics.

This discovery happened when John would spoil his adopted dog with various toys but alas, the dog was not interested in any of them. As a last resort to get a toy his dog fancies, he called upon the help of two friends who had a knack for design and craft. Together, they built the first Doggie Squeaky Tennis Ball prototype, which is now PetMuse Studio’s bestseller.

The experience spurred John to pursue the endeavor of producing creative and safe toys that meet the needs of all pets. Backed by the family business, PetMuse Studio was launched. John’s brainchild has taken the traditional brick-and-mortar pet business to where the future is now: online. It also serves as testimony to China’s excellence in production.

Brand Story

In recent years, PetMuse Studio has made great strides in the pet arena. One of which is the company’s foresight of staying current with the ever-changing design world. Alongside hundreds of seasoned designers, the company frequently works with students from various design schools. This ensures a steady stream of new ideas and fresh creations.

Furthermore, PetMuse Studio has melded an advanced digital management system with its preceding company’s 20-year experience of sample production, turning the production facility into a massive bespoke design studio.

Even as its own supply chain is strengthened, PetMuse Studio continues to upgrade itself by collaborating with numerous best-in-class factories in China. This has led to developing the company’s own intelligent production system, earning a title as the first digitized factory in the pet industry. This way, both efficiency and quality in production are taken to great heights.

Our Mission


All creations are design-focused and quality-assured to enrich the lives of pets


A one-stop service from design to sample to mass production


Costs are kept competitive, thanks to our efficient supply chain


Extensive industry experience and networking equipped us to offer professional advice and problem-solve in various areas

Why Choose Us

  1. Creativity and craftsmanship are assured with our best-in-class design team.

  2. A department is dedicated to sample building with a lead time of only 3 to 7 days.

  3. Our production team consists of over 100 qualified factories all over China, many of which are BSCI, ISO9001, Disney, Walmart, Costco, CVS, and SMETA certified.

  4. We are well-versed in most processes such as import and export, logistics, safety certification/standards, patent application, etc.

  5. We can create patented products.

  6. Problem-solving and professional solutions are readily offered for production and logistic issues.

  7. Our world-class one-to-one customer service is always on standby.


BSCI Audit

Supply Chain Security Audit

Facility and Merchandise Authorization

Facility Assessment Security Report

Quality Management System Certificate



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