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5 New HOT Cat Toys You Should Not Miss

PetMuse Studio is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new cat toys! Not only are these toys designed with boundless creativity, but they are also crafted from top-notch materials, and offered at competitive...

5 Hot Limited Edition Products From the PetMuse x Famipet Artist Collaboration

As a shared effort with young and talented artists in Shanghai, PetMuse Studio is proud to announce the launch of its first collaboration series, also known as the PetMuse x Famipet Artist Collaboration.

5 Essential Pet Products For A Happy Pet

Do you know that aside from pet toys, PetMuse studio also designs and manufactures pet products to meet your pet’s wide variety of needs? Here are 5 pet products that have gained popularity among our clients. Some of...

Things You Need Before Getting Your First Cat

Are you a first-time cat owner? Fret not. Let PetMuse Studio present you with a list of basic and practical cat products you and your kitty can start with.

10 Places To Adopt A Furry Companion Other Than SPCA

If you ever decide to make this big step of welcoming a pet into your life, purchasing one isn’t your only option.

We Are Back At Interzoo 2022!

Meeting new businesses, new friends, and many fluffy babies.

How to get started with puppy training? The Dos and Don’ts.

Congratulations, you’ve welcomed a puppy into your home!

5 Hottest Dog Toys from PetMuse Studio to Spoil Your Furkid With

Dog toys are essential for a happy and healthy dog!



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